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News » Cincinnati Bengals Inside Slant 2008-10-30

Cincinnati Bengals Inside Slant 2008-10-30

Cincinnati Bengals Inside Slant 2008-10-30
Marvin Lewis continues to say his team is trying -- though some plays have disappointed him -- and he is the only top official in the Bengals organization taking the heat for the fifth 0-8 start in franchise history.

Neither Bengals president Mike Brown nor any other member of the club's ownership structure has spoken publicly about the historically bad season to date.

"That's fine. That's what this position entails," Lewis said Monday when asked about being the only person in the line of fire. "That was the arrangement of this position six years ago. As I told our football team today, the way they play is a reflection of me. I met with them. It's a reflection of me. It's not the coaches. It's me.

"And that's why it was my meeting today, because there are things we need to do better. If we flinch, it's my fault, and I understand that."

The Bengals have been outscored 73-16 in the past two games and 217-104 this season.

It was clear in August that Brown wanted to bring back wide receiver Chris Henry, who had been arrested five times in the team's employ, over Lewis' objection.

After the 35-6 loss Sunday at Houston, Lewis said the team is playing its best players and that he and the coaches had to help them to improve their performance.

He was asked Monday if he were making the point that player personnel decisions were being made against his wishes.

"I wasn't referring to anything other than that you just can't go out and change 46 guys for 46 guys somewhere," he said. "It was the only thing I was referring to."

Lewis, who has lost 20 of his last 27 games as Cincinnati's head coach, doesn't want a vote of confidence from Brown.

"Those things don't seem to go very well," Lewis said. "Any time I've seen one of those, they don't go well. I'd prefer not to have one."

Lewis said effort is not lacking.

"The effort -- there are cases where we wanted to have better effort, better finish -- all in all, generally that wasn't an issue," he said. "Our lack of finishing the play ... that kind of speed. We get the wind taken out of our sails by the punt return after our three-and-out. And then we climb back in and make it a close football game. Then we come out and allow the touchdown in the third quarter."

Author:Fox Sports
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Added: October 30, 2008

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